Happy Maki Review

I’ve wanted to try Happy Maki for aaaaages and with a vegan friend visiting, this weekend was the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

Happy Maki serves fresh vegan sushi burritos. SUSHI. BURRITOS. Freaking genius idea. After travelling and watching a documentary called “End of the Line”, Anna and Ali decided to create Happy Maki. Combining their passion for cooking, public health, and marine conservation, for every Happy Maki wrap that is bought, a tree gets planted and a child gets fed! Such an amazing initiative and the story behind the brand is so interesting.

I decided to use the Wriggle offer which meant I could get two wraps and two sides for £15. What a deal! I went for the hoisin “duck” with cucumber, red pepper, avocado, spring onions and hoisin sauce which was SO. GOOD. I’m a big fan of hoisin but sometimes it can overpower – in this wrap, it packed a punch but wasn’t overwhelming. I had popcorn cauliflower as my side, which is seasoned with tempura and came with a teriyaki dip. For me, the cauliflower was the highlight. You get a really generous portion and it’s SO tasty – really salty but sweet with the dip, I could honestly sit and eat plate after plate of the stuff.

If you’re vegan or not, I would 1000000% suggest you visit Happy Maki. The food is delicious and great value for money – you feel full, but not that guilty full when you regret what you ate. Plus, it’s got a wonderful story and charity initiative which I really value in a brand. Time to go and daydream about that cauliflower…

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